Friday, September 3, 2010

Prevailing Purpose

As I read in Isaiah 28 this morning, there was a problem in the church. The spiritual leaders had become focused on their own position and comfort level. They were not teaching the truth of God's Word, but had instead fallen into a pattern of simply teaching "don'ts." There was no emphasis on the true nature of God and His great desire to have intimacy with His people. As a result of their lack of vision and obedience, the people following them were mere spiritual infants when they should have been mature. Due to their lack of faith and trust, God created circumstances that would bring their focus back to Him-painful as that process was going to be.

When God is ignored in His church (even today), He will get our attention. This is not out of His own pride, but out of His overwhelming love for all of us. It is a challenge for pastors and leaders to stay focused on His ultimate plan for us and to be sure that we do not lose sight of His direction. If we are firmly in the Word and committed to teaching it no matter what that looks like or how uncomfortable that makes people, then it won't be necessary for God to intervene in other ways.

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