Monday, February 8, 2010

What a Weekend!

The title sums it up appropriately-it was truly an incredible (and quick) weekend:

  • Left Milledgeville on Friday to drive to DeFuniak Springs, FL for a spiritual retreat with FSU and their Christian Campus Fellowship
  • Spoke 4 times in 36 hours on the Holy Spirit & God brought it!
  • Worship led by Dan Cole & Kelsie & Nathaniel was incredibly passionate
  • The sound of 90 college students singing their hearts out in a small room blew me away all weekend
  • Change of place + change of pace = change of perspective
  • The ministry that Michael Mears is leading at FSU is beautiful to see in action-the compassion that he has for these college students is admirable and it was a true pleasure to be a small part of it all
  • I am continuing to pray for Garrett-a young man that didn't anticipate coming to this retreat-in fact, doesn't go to FSU-but was there with a friend.  God is working on his heart!
  • Northridge had 765 in attendance yesterday! Wow-just simply wow.
  • 765 people brings lots of logistical issues-praying that we can work through these so that more people can hear what God has to offer
  • The Arizona team ran a perfect BBQ while I was in Florida and Northridge blessed us by helping to raise $2400 for our trip in one morning!
  • Last night at The Well was simple & yet powerful. I am so grateful to be surrounded by incredible servants & youth that want God's truth.  We are still figuring it out and maturing, but the future with God's Spirit is so bright!
  • Thanks to God for having me here in this season to be part of what He is doing!

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