Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Week That Was

Well here we are a week later and God is continuing to do His great work in this race. Sometimes we run alongside at a good clip and other times it is a laboring run where we push through because we realize the ultimate goal.  He never told us that it would be easy, but He has promised us that it would be worth it.  The victories are still coming and yet there are greater things still to be done!

  • The Arizona mission team is thumping along-we are nearing the end of our fundraising
  • We are blessed by the generosity of so many people at Northridge & those elsewhere as well
  • This Saturday marks one month until we leave for AZ
  • The Well & Awakening are booming as we hit two months in-almost 80 total people over two nights!
  • We continue to see decisions as youth & adults are baptized into Christ-it never gets old
  • Great message from Mike this weekend on End Times-powerful & moving!
  • The youth ministry here is blessed with incredible youth partners-wouldn't do ministry without them!
  • I enjoyed our parent meeting on Saturday morning-it an intense time of seeking a godly way to raise our youth
  • Had a camp planning meeting last week for Woodland-very excited about a new adventure for camp this year
  • Also a bit sad as it will be my first time not doing camp with my good friend John Porterfield in 6 years
  • In the middle of all this work I am blessed to be married to the love of my life and have three unique, creative & beautiful daughters

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