Friday, January 15, 2016

Learning As I Go

I'm running my second 1/2 marathon tomorrow morning after my first in November. I actually only ended up taking a week off after that race before jumping back into the preparation phase. In retrospect I might have done things differently, but I'm on the eve of this race and ready to run anyway. At this point there are only small things I can do to change my readiness for tomorrow.

This time of training has given me several things to think about and they don't just relate to running. The lesson of needing rest has been reinforced to me more than once. It's not just about the time off from actual activity, but the also the need for down time and more sleep. Hopefully I'm learning how to fuel myself better in the process and discover what gives me the best energy reserves for endurance. There is also great power in variety and learning to change up the things I do to make myself better. Having a firm objective in front of me is also vital as it helps provide the structure to keep me disciplined when I don't necessarily want to be. One of the greatest lessons is in learning to peak at the right time. I told my wife I felt as if I was most ready to race two weeks ago instead of pacing myself better with the big day in mind.

I believe there are potential learning opportunities in everything we do if we are willing to look for them. I feel as if I do a fairly decent job of identifying them and now have the more difficult task of putting what I learn into practice.

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