Saturday, January 23, 2016

Full Distance

The things we do often present an opportunity to learn if we are willing to look for it. The past year has given me regular, new insights through running. While I started out just listening to my music and trying to survive the run, I now find myself using this time to meditate. As I ponder through things, I am finding new truths about myself and figuring out how to make them part of who I am now. 

Today I worked during the morning, planning a longer run when I got home. I had a number of miles I wanted to run and knew it would be a challenge with our current weather. While we aren't dealing with the blizzard my friends in the northeast are enduring we still have temps in the 30's with a 15-20 mile per hour wind. I bundled up, hit the streets and was able to make the distance I set beforehand. I realized while running, if I had not already decided I was going seven miles, I would have quit much sooner. Setting my goal before hitting the streets gave me a goal--a finish line to look for and cross successfully.

If I hadn't set out with a goal in mind, I am certain I would have quit earlier than I did. Being clear and specific about my objective pushes me to a higher level of achievement. Without a particular target I would accomplish some things, but wouldn't be stretched to the limits of what I can do.

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