Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Fine Line

Faith is essential for following God. We have to believe that He is able to lead us better than we can lead ourselves. We must have confidence in His promises and lean on Him for understanding in tough times and give Him credit for the good times. Our prayers should reflect how important He is to us and that we eagerly seek God's guidance for all that we do.

All our expectations should be firmly in His ability to provide answers to our prayers. There also comes a time when we are called to action. God intends for us to believe in Him and His plan for our individual lives and His Church, but He also calls for us to be an active participant in that plan. There is a desperate need for prayer in the church-in fact, I am convinced we are not praying enough as a whole. It is also time for God's people to decide to follow through on their desires with tangible action. Pray for the finances of the church, but also tithe. Pray for workers for the harvest, but jump into the fray and use your own gifts. Pray for the less fortunate in our community and the world, but make the sacrifice and take care of someone's needs. Pray that a neighbor will come to Christ, but risk rejection and invite them to church. Pray for God's will to be done in your church, but be willing to be part of the solution-even if what God asks you or your church to do is outside of your comfort zone.

We can't have one without the other. If we won't pray we will never know what God's desire is and we won't experience His power. If we only pray we neglect our active responsibility to be influential change agents and the world will go to hell around us while we sit in our prayer meetings.

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