Monday, April 25, 2011

What Now?

Resurrection Sunday was a blessed day with large crowds of people attending churches throughout the world.  I have seen online stories of baptisms and very large numbers of people in services. I am celebrating the message of Christ that was shared and the incredible volunteers that made so much of it possible. I also can't keep my mind from moving to what is next.

We have proven that we can draw a crowd (actually that Jesus can), but for lives to be changed there has to be more than just big numbers. How are we mobilizing the next generation of leaders? What are we doing to move people past the shallow steps of early faith and into something passionately meaningful with depth? What efforts are we continuing to put into our community to let them know that Jesus is still alive and pursuing them today? How are we reaching out to the harassed and helpless that are wondering if there is any hope for them on this Monday after Easter?

Many people and churches rest immediately after Easter, but I firmly believe that it is the season to pray and work even harder for the heart of our communities.

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