Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Struggle

"The struggle to the top alone can make the heart swell."
Albert Camus

This quote rolls through my head quite a bit.  It is often misread-Camus' intent is not to talk about struggling alone, but that sometimes the difficult journey holds more rewards than actually arriving at your destination. I have to believe that it is true-I am holding fast to that thought now. 

It is difficult to create a new culture in a church & in an area that has been around for so long.  There is so much teaching to be done, so much patience to be had, leaders to develop, foundations to build, and prayers to be prayed.  I'm not afraid of hard work-I actually relish it-but it can be frustrating as you continue to push along and not see the results you are hoping for or expecting.

Some days it frustrates me more than others.  I have this great desire to see ministry blossoming and people living out their faith on a consistent basis.  I invested 6 1/2 years in Florida and God did great things in spite of me there.  I don't want to recreate a Florida environment in Georgia, but my aim is to see young people (and us older folks) passionately following Jesus and desiring to do His great work.  It is going to take some time and the lessons that He is going to teach me (and His church) through the journey will mold and mature us into the church He designed us to be. 

I pray that I would not grow weary as we do His great work.

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