Monday, June 13, 2016

Camp Memories

We wrapped up another week of middle school camp this past Friday with 132 campers and 27 staff members. While this was one of my most stressful years leading into camp, it ended up delivering many things I am grateful for:

  • Quality time setting up for camp with a guy I've been able to invest in over several years
  • Running pre-dawn miles that gave me time to meditate and focus
  • Watching a team of volunteers come together around a common purpose
  • Seeing the positive transformation in a group of middle schoolers over four days from being disengaged in worship to active participation
  • Being goofy enough to make a fool of yourself to get campers & staff to laugh
  • Witnessing two college teams (8 people) make an incredible impact on campers with their willingness to engage in activities, dance & sing, and have serious conversations when needed
  • Having tough talks with a few campers and watching them make better decisions as a result
  • A heartfelt, tearful hug and a "thank you" from a 7th grade boy after a message on grace
  • Getting to see eight baptisms take place in the camp pool--one girl being baptized by her father who was also baptized at camp
  • A goodbye hug and thanks from a sweet hearing-impaired camper who was a complete joy all week long
  • A week that already has me looking forward to next year

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