Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Next Phase

Our oldest daughter, Lindsay, turned 18 today. This is obviously a monumental mile marker in her life (and ours.) She’s been preparing for this day for a long time and has especially taken leaps forward this past year. Her thoughts and our talks have been turning more towards her future and what she wants to do next. Her job has been a big part of her growth as she is a key part of the team there and has learned how to earn and save her own money. To me this is merely a reflection of the level of responsibility she has always shown.

She is the first-born child of two first-born children and carries the traits of being the oldest deeply in her genes. I feel she has handled it well and has blended her leadership gift with a warm personality that always looks to include those on the fringe. I don’t know that she has ever met a stranger—at least they aren’t one for long. She is very funny and quick-witted with a great laugh. I love how genuinely she cares for other people especially when they are in unfortunate circumstances. Lindsay isn’t fooled very often either though and is able to see the reality of most situations. I love how open minded she is and willing to see your perspective as she thinks things through. She stands firmly on her principles however and is okay with other people disagreeing with them. As much as an 18 year old can be, she is confident in who she is and strives to stay within those boundaries she has set for herself. Most importantly, she loves God and is moving forward trying to figure out what His plan for her life is as she chases her passions.

Today marks the end of her “childhood” as she steps into adulthood and the next phase of her life. While part of that causes me some trepidation, my feelings are a result of our little girl growing up more than any fear I have about her life choices. We are proud of her and the woman she is becoming. This next part of the journey is going to be fun for all of us.

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