Saturday, November 21, 2015

Pushing Through

I watched my favorite college team (go Gators) play their football game today against a supposedly over-matched opponent. It was supposed to be an easy contest to keep them sharp before the big game against our in-state rival next weekend. In fact, the experts had projected Florida as 31 point favorites which means this game should have been over shortly after halftime. 

Regardless of what the football gurus predict however, the game isn't played out in discussion and opinions but on the field. The opposing team wasn't going to forfeit the game because someone decided they were supposed to lose by a wide margin. They were going to compete with a fierce desire to win combined with growing confidence as they realized the opportunity in front of them. Even though they came up short in the end (thank goodness) they still showed what can happen with a little bit of tenacity and discipline. 

What seemingly insurmountable odds can be overcome in our personal lives with some confidence and discipline? What mindset do we need to be able to endure when everything seems to be working against us? Will we persevere when things don't go as easily as we hoped or will we cave under pressure? Some days we will have to work harder to be successful than others. 

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