Monday, October 24, 2011

Too Far Gone

We don't like for other people to lie to us and yet we believe in the lies that we tell ourselves far too often. These may be the words that echo in our own mind or have been ingrained by those close to us, but we have allowed them to masquerade as truth. It is a common trap that satan uses to paralyze people. These lies attack common areas:
  • We haven't communicated in years & our marriage isn't salvageable
  • My finances are in such disarray that I will never get out from underneath it
  • We have done such a poor job of parenting and now it's too late to do anything about it
  • My past relationships define my self-esteem & all my future relationships will suffer from it
  • The sins of my past are greater than anyone can ever know-I can't possibly be forgiven for them
  • I never lived up to my parents' expectations for me and don't measure up now
  • I've made so many mistakes & hurt those around me-I don't think I can change who I am now
  • I'm too far gone for God to do anything with me
Grace is a gift from God that is not just intended for forgiveness. It is about His power to negate the lies of satan and change us from the inside out. We refute the effectiveness of grace when we allow ourselves to be enslaved to lies that are in opposition to the truth God freely offers. 

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