Thursday, September 29, 2011

Love Story

Being in love with someone is all-consuming. You think about them constantly-the things they have said to you, the things you have shared together, and how they make you feel. You find yourself looking at the clock pining for the next time you can be together. Neither one of you wants to be apart from the other one and when you are  in each other's company it makes you feel complete-as if a part of you that has been missing is finally back where it belongs. If you are in a passionate, committed relationship it is part of you all day long. It wouldn't be something you relegated to one day a week-not if it was important to you.

When we limit our worship of God to one day, one hour and four songs a week we aren't in a committed, passionate, personal relationship either. We're treating a church service like a conjugal visit.

God isn't okay with that and we shouldn't be either.

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