Wednesday, June 1, 2011

All Together Now

We like to think that we can carve out chunks of our life and keep them separate from the other pieces. Our work life and our family life don't interact. We profess our faith in God on Sundays (and sometimes Wednesdays) but it doesn't spill over into other decisions that we make during the rest of the week. We pray and seek God when there are difficult times and tough decisions to make, but ignore the constant conversation that He actually desires for us because we don't feel the pressing need. We have become experts at compartmentalization.

Instead of our life being one whole unit searching for God in the midst of all that we do, we find ourselves filled with competing individual systems that prevent true synergy. Is it any wonder that we are then spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted? We are attempting to maintain boundaries of control in areas of life that God never intended us to keep. We keep limiting Him to a certain room in our house when what He really wants is for us to give Him the keys to the whole thing. Only then can we find true satisfaction in our Christian lives.

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