Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No Surprise

I make a lot of mistakes. Anyone who knows me at all will readily agree with that statement. Some of them are bigger than others and some of them cause more grief than others. I don't like it when I continue to make some of the same mistakes and see how it disappoints the people around me. Sometimes those choices will change and even eliminate close relationships.

When I find myself in this regretful pattern, I often wonder how much God is disappointed in me too. He has blessed me with more than I deserve and given me more chances than He should and yet I still fail.

As these thoughts roll through my head I am reminded that God already knows all of my thoughts and deeds long before I even choose to think or do them. While that can be somewhat intimidating to ponder, it also brings me a small amount of comfort. I cannot surprise God. There is nothing that I can do that will take away His love for me. Even as my choices will cause others to reevaluate their perception of me, it doesn't work that way with God. He does not change.

Thank you Father for loving me in spite of me. I am grateful that You see the whole of who I am and You consider me worthy of Your love.

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