Friday, May 7, 2010

Orange Conference Reflections-Part 2

A few days later than intended, but here are a few more thoughts from Orange 2010:

  • Don't squander the chance to invest in our children's lives. -Rev Run
  • Building a ministry is much easier than building a healthy family. -Doug Fields
  • If I don't focus on my family no one else will do it for me. -Doug Fields
  • Spend as much time making your home attractive as you do your ministry. -Doug Fields
  • The best way to impact the church is to collide with the next generation. -Perry Noble
  • You can't hold people accountable for unspoken, unexplained expectations. -Perry Noble
  • If we don't empower our leaders it's because we don't want a move of God to happen that we don't control. -Perry Noble
  • If you're walking with Jesus, He won't let you stay like you are right now. -Perry Noble
  • Are you leaving things better than when you found it? -Donald Miller
  • God created us to be in family-we have made it corporate. -Donald Miller
  • We need to provide lots of positive male role models in our church! -Donald Miller
  • We need to teach children/youth to envision the future. -Donald Miller
  • The best teachers pull the best out of you, but don't kill your spirit in the process. -Sue Miller
  • Utilize a Systematic Relational Connection Approach to ministry.

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