Monday, September 26, 2011


The Christian life is not always easy and neither is the calling to serve in ministry. There are trials and difficulties that pop out of nowhere and some that are created by the choices that we make. I am still learning that sometimes the hardest work that takes place is within ourselves. Closely examining who we think we are, who we are actually becoming, and the person that others perceive us to be can be quite painful in the revelation. It leads to a fork in the path that we travel and a decision that must be made. Will we forge ahead down the road that is filled with potholes and hard work or will we choose the path of least resistance and stay the course we are on no matter how wrong that course might be? Making the right decision will build a bridge of maturity and painful growth that will be worth the rewards on the other side of it-especially if we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit through it all.

You would hope to learn valuable lessons from finding that forked path so that you wouldn't repeat the same mistakes, but perhaps the willingness to see the mistake and react by turning to God is progress in itself.

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